1. The Bible has been given to us by the inspiration of God to be the rule of faith and life.
    It is the standard of all doctrine
    by which we must test any word that comes to us
    from church, world, or inner experience.
    We subject to its judgment
    all we believe and do.
    Through the Scriptures
    the church is bound only to Jesus Christ its King and Head. He is the living Word of God
    to whom the written word bears witness.
  2. The Holy Spirit gives us inner testimony to the unique authority of the Bible and is the source of its power.
    The Bible, written by human hands,
    is nonetheless the word of God
    as no other word ever written.
    To it no other writings are to be added.
    The Scriptures are necessary, sufficient, and reliable, revealing Jesus Christ, the living Word.
  3. Both Old and New Testaments were written within communities of faith and accepted as Scripture by them. Those who seek to understand the Bible need to stand within the church and listen to its teaching.
  4. The Bible is to be understood in the light of the revelation of God’s work in Christ. The writing of the Bible was conditioned by the language, thought, and setting of its time.
    The Bible must be read in its historical context. We interpret Scripture as we compare passages,
    seeing the two Testaments in light of each other, and listening to commentators past and present. Relying on the Holy Spirit,
    we seek the application of God’s word for our time.

“Living Faith”, Presbyterian Church in Canada, p. 14-15