A Sail Flapping in the Wind

There is nothing worse than a sail banging around and flapping aimlessly in the wind. It makes lots of noise, but fails do harness the wind passing over it. In fact, in that state, the wind is damaging the sail. A sail that is not under tension is a danger to itself and to the rest of the rigging on the boat.

However, when a sail is held in tension by ropes that are guided by the captain, the sail catches the wind and drives the boat forward. The sail must work under load and be held in tension by the rope and guided by the captain.

We can be like that sail flapping in the wind when we are not focussed on God. A great amount of time, energy, and resources could be expended without any results if we are not being guided by God.

When I am not held in tension through a clear vision and a close walk with God, I drift and am not focussed — like a sail flapping in the wind.

Being focussed on God means being attentive to him in prayer, seeking him in the Word regularly, and acting on his directions and commands in scripture. This will likely feel difficult because the sail is catching wind and you feel the tension of the rope being tightened. 

But we must not falter at that point. Hang on and we will find that the sail does not tear, the ropes do not break, and the hand of the captain is steady. 

As we continue in that work and tension, we will begin to see our life take shape and begin to move in ways we had not imagined could happen.

Trust in the captain and brace yourself, for the wind is blowing. 

Can you feel it?