Cariboo Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement and Action Plan for 2016-2020


Mission Statement  (Our Calling from God)

The primary Mission of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church (CPC) continues to be to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to people who live beyond the traditional church, especially but not exclusively in the rural and remote areas of the Cariboo-Chilcotin region.   

We will encourage people to trust and grow in Christ and gather in communities of Christian faith principally in areas where there is little or no other Christian witness.  These communities of faith will be intergenerational and will honour all Christian denominations. The mission will consist of a variety of house churches, ministry points, and outreaches. In the Nazko area there will be a vibrant community ministry.


Mission Action Plan (What We Will Do To Respond to God’s Call)

  1. What We Will Do in Our House Churches and Worship Gatherings

The primary purpose of the CPC house church ministry is to evangelize and disciple people in Christ and develop caring Christian communities for worship and spiritual formation in rural areas.

How We Will Do It:

  1. Each existing house church will be encouraged to grow through evangelism.
  2. When a house church has grown beyond optimal size (most effective) the leadership will seek to guide it to create a strategy for growing or multiplying. The exact method of doing this will be developed prayerfully within the house church.
  3. Each house church will be encouraged to choose from among its members a spiritually gifted person to act as a house church leader who will work with the overseeing pastor/missionary to provide leadership and may lead a portion of their house church gatherings.
  4. The pastor/missionary and house church leader will oversee the work of discipling people in the areas of worship, biblical and theological knowledge, pastoral care and spiritual formation.
  5. Each person in each house church will be encouraged to share Christ and serve in his name through formal and informal ministry in their communities and beyond remembering we are all called to be a “royal priesthood in order that [we] may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called [us] out of darkness into his marvelous light” (I Peter 2:9).


  1. What We Will Do in The Nazko and Area Dakelh Outreach

The primary purpose of ministry in Nazko will be to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to all of the people of Nazko and related communities with a particular cultural sensitivity to the Dakelh people and other First Nations.  We will strive to be Christ-centered, Biblically based, rooted in prayer, culturally honouring♦ and socially transforming♥.

How We Will Do It:

  1. We will continue learning about the heritage of the Dakelh people with a view to presenting the message of Christ into the local First Nations context
  2. We will gather and disciple the existing weekly worshipping fellowships in Nazko and Quesnel and establish other fellowship groups in related First Nations Communities.
  3. A strong Christ-centred presence in the community will be maintained by attending and assisting in community events such as camps, gatherings, pow wows and other ceremonies.
  4. A variety of outreach activities will be initiated and maintained including: i) Ministry with children and youth. ii) Initiatives focused on evangelism, outreach and spiritual, emotional and social healing. When possible these will be led by First Nations Christian leaders.
  5. We will network with others in First Nations ministries to share ideas, support each other, and develop a strong understanding of a Christian theology from within a First Nations cultural context.

♦ By culturally honouring we mean to honour the culture while at the same time recognizing that every culture is imperfect and needs to be discerned from a Christ-centred perspective. 

♥By socially transforming we mean that God’s intention is to have an impact not simply on individual lives but on community life as well.


  1. What We Will Do to Equip One Another for the Work of Ministry

We will seek to equip all of God’s people among us for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) through serving and building one another up in small groups.

How We Will Do It:

  1. We will continue monthly leadership team meetings, open to all session members and house church leaders, for mutual support, eldership training and leadership development.
  2. Each pastor/missionary will be in regular contact with the house church leaders for mutual support, discipling and leadership development.
  3. Together the pastor/missionary and house church leaders will guide their house churches to grow in pastoral care, discipleship, Biblical and theological knowledge and equipping for ministry.
  4. Leadership development will be fostered through the use of books, study materials, DVDs and other ministry equipping resources.


  1. What We Will Do in the Areas of Administration and Finance

The session will provide effective oversight of this mission in the area of administration and we will trust in the providence of God to achieve full support for the entire work of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church.

How We Will Do It:

  1. The CPC Session will provide supervision, oversight and pastoral care in all missions and ministries undertaken under the name of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church.
  2. A Management Team which is appointed by and accountable to the session will do much of the administrative work.
  3. We will continue to encourage the people within the ministry to support the financial needs of the ministry to the best of their ability.
  4. We will continue to make the needs of the ministry known to congregations, groups, and individuals across Canada and beyond through newsletter mailings, deputation work and other support-raising initiatives.
  5. We hope to maintain a relationship of mission support from the Presbyterian Church in Canada through an ongoing Native Ministries grant for NADO and will seek to decrease our need for the Mission grant for the southern missionary position.