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My struggle with grass creep


Alicia and I were walking back to our new home in Williams Lake and I remarked to her that one thing that really bothers me about our yard is the lack of definition between the grass and the gravel parking area. The grass is like a slow moving tide working its way up the beach, which is my gravel parking lot. I need boundaries to clearly define what is parking lot and what is yard, otherwise they join in a messy transition that does not look good. Every time I get out of my car I imagine how I will dig up portions and create clear boundaries with borders, fences, and ground covers, all designed to give me the definition and boundaries that I need to have peace of mind. I have an impulse to impose order on chaos. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? Continue reading My struggle with grass creep

Experiencing love as a besieged city


Blessed be the LORD,

for he has wondrously shown his steadfast love to me

when I was in a besieged city.

I had said in my alarm,

“I am cut off from your sight.”

But you heard the voice of my pleas for mercy

when I cried to you for help.

 Psalm 31:21-22


The Israelites knew about sieges. The Assyrians laid siege to Israel and led the inhabitants away as captives. Later, the Babylonians did the same thing to Jerusalem. A city under siege is terrible. When a dominating army has surrounded a city, no one gets in or out. People eventually starve. Living conditions become unmanageable. Sieges suck the life out of the inhabitants. Continue reading Experiencing love as a besieged city

New Members to the Team

We are excited to announce that we have extended a call to Mark Carter to take over the leadership of the southern portion of the house church ministry. Mark and his wife Alicia, along with their 8 month old son Micah, are returning to the Cariboo after Mark’s theological education at Regent College in Vancouver. They are excited to join the ministry and look forward to serving in the Cariboo.


Jon Wyminga & Shannon Bell-Wyminga

Jon and Shannon both grew up in Southern Ontario: Jon in the Toronto area and Shannon in Port Hope, a small town along Lake Ontario.

Jon first pursued a diploma in graphic design and during that time in college committed his life to Christ at a youth retreat. At the same weekend he sensed a call to missions. He went on to work in short-term missions in Holland and Toronto before going to Ontario Bible College, York University and eventually seminary. Shannon studied for a diploma from Ewart College in Christian Education and a degree in Religious Studies before she and Jon went to Knox College for ministry training.

Jon and Shannon dated while in university and were married in 1986. They each finished their degrees and entered Knox College together and were ordained together in 1991. Their ministry experience to that point had been focused on inner-city missions and they went on to share a position in Montreal in an inner-city ministry of the church. The call to the Cariboo and rural ministry was quite unexpected, but God always knows what is best for them. They have been truly blessed to labour in God’s vineyard in the Cariboo.

They have settled in the remote, predominantly Dakelh community of Ndazkoh where they are reaching out to their own village as well as other local villages and bands. Jon and Shannon have 2 daughters: Shelby is an actor, graduated with a BFA in acting from Trinity Western University. She is married to Tyler who has a BA in music from TWU and is working on a Master’s degree in theology and the arts at Regent College. Joelle is also working on a BFA in acting at TWU.

Jon and Shannon’s vision is to see Ndazkoh and the surrounding bands transformed by the love of Christ.

Bruce & Jackie Wilcox
Bruce & Jackie Wilcox

Bruce and Jackie Wilcox

Bruce was born in Kamloops. B.C., and has lived pretty much all his life in and around the 100 Mile House area. Other than a couple of stints of post-secondary education, he worked mostly for local lumber manufacturers until his appointment to full time ministry in the CPC in Aug. 2013.

Under the mentoring and encouragement of Dave Webber and other teaching elders, Bruce responded to a call to eldership in the Church in 1999, and has since been designated a “lay missionary with training” by the presbytery of Kamloops. Bruce began full-time ministry in the Cariboo in August 2013, taking on many of the house churches that had been led by David Webber until his retirement and developing new areas of mission as well.

His wife Jackie is a care-aide who works in home support, and they have been blessed with the house church model of worship in the CPC, and opportunities from the Lord to reach out in ministry to others with that; whether in a designated building, people’s homes, or places like Seniors’ Care facilities.

Bruce and Jackie live in 108 Mile Ranch, and have four “kids” – all grown up now. They love reading, music (Bruce loves jam sessions and trying to learn more on his guitar), and a good hockey game.